Canada's Only Legal Cannabis Edibles for 
Medical Marijuana Patients


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 We are the largest distributors for Baked Edibles - the number one Cannabis Bakery in Canada. Only their products meet the regulatory requirements of Health Canada and product quality is second to none. They are the Haagen Daz of Cannabis Edibles. Before anything goes out the door, it is tested at MB labs out of Sydney BC - considered to the gold standard for cannabis testing in Canada. Every batch baked is accompanied by a report that is available for you to see. In today's day and age, it is essential to know what we are putting into our bodies and how potent our medication is. No other edibles in Canada achieve this standard today. Why would you want to consume anything else ? 

 Several different types of cannabis and extraction techniques to make their oils and butters. One of the keys to their success is that they infused their products by baking their cannabis oils and butters directly into the products, rather than coat (spray) or paint them on as the last step. The result is a product that is always tastier and more consistent.


Uplifting, functional, relaxing, and happy. Very good for both daytime and bedtime use as a top-grade medicinal product. Single bud strains fully extracted into MCT oil (See our FAQ's section for more info).


An overnight, slow-infusion of full buds into organic oil. While generally lower-strength, the strain-specific effects of Cannoil are exceptionally strong. Sativa/Indica Cannoils are very effective for their typical functions of pain relief/relaxation and Tranquilanol is an indica-heavy blend excellent as a sleep aid. These oils have full cannabinoid and terpene profiles.


All potency levels are standardized milligrams of THC (not winterized BHO or shatters of unknown potency!), lab tested by a Health Canada-approved testing lab, and guaranteed within 10%. All products are produced with love in a food-safe certified commercial kitchen and carefully measured for dosage accuracy